Friday, January 16, 2015

Cookie of the Month Club

It was recently pointed out, by my non-facebooking friend, that I had not posted the Cookie of the Month Club list.
Oops, sorry! I blame exhaustion from all that Christmas baking!
Things work about the same as the beloved Dessert of the Month Club from last year only just cookies this year.
Cookies mail better and everything tastes better when in arrives in one piece!
Just let me know by email: or 
Facebook message: if you'd like to order a dozen or more cookies. They cost $15/dozen or $20 for delivery. 
I like to have about a week's notice for monthly orders and you can still order or gift a yearly membership for $165 or $225 for delivery year round. (you get one month free when choosing the yearly membership)
That's a better deal than you get from the girl scouts!


Roni said...

Thank you from your non Facebooking friend!

Beth said...

*favorite non facebooking friend :)