Saturday, June 7, 2014

Weather update: Chance of Showers expected/blog posting spotty at best

64 days, YIKES!
That's how many more days I have to pull off a lovely wedding in the neighboring state of Colorado.
The awesome bride is doing most of the leg work but I did recently finish one of my assignments, that was creating some anxiety for both me and said bride. I don't think she had a lot of confidence in my sewing ability. Mostly because I failed as a Mother and didn't teach my only daughter to sew or even give her the opportunity to witness sewing in action. I learned to sew in 4-H and high school but only the bare minimum to complete the project seconds before the county fair began or the deadline for a subpar grade. I haven't touched a sewing machine since and lets just say that's been a few years!
After fruitlessly scouring Pinterest and Etsy for burlap bags that were large enough for our intended purpose and didn't cost 1/2 the (minuscule) wedding budget I boldly announced that I could just make some bags. I figured it was as little as 3 seams, how hard could it be? 
First, I had to locate a friend that wouldn't mind lending me a sewing machine since I certainly don't own one or could afford to buy one (see wedding budget). I would think most people that enjoy sewing are pretty protective of their sewing machines and would not even consider lending it to the likes of someone who didn't respect the craft enough to continue after high school. Well, long story short and wonderful friend Connie came to my rescue, dusted off her machine and let me borrow it. 
I failed to take many photos of the project, just the occasional update for the bride. I do have a few which should provide endless entertainment for my seamstress friends:

         Since I couldn't find a tape measure I used the bride's ruler she received from church in '94                        (I know this because it's printed on the back, not because I have any sort of memory)

                                              This is a size comparison for the bride's approval.

     This is the photo from the fabric store I sent to the bride in hopes that she could identify the extra 2 yards of fabric I needed to buy.

                                                   Last of the stack awaiting the actual sewing. 

                                            The LAST bag when the bobbin thread ran out...again! 

                   The photo that had to be sent to the bride who had no idea what a bobbin was.
                                                                      Again, I blame myself. 

                          All 124 completed bags ready for shipment to the bride for the next step.

While the bride was home for her first (absolutely amazing) bridal shower given by my aforementioned crafty queen/friend Roni 
she picked up 5 yards of canvasey material, which we thought would be 1. easier to sew than burlap and 2. better for the stencil stamping step of the project.
I instructed her to get at least 6 yards of fabric for 100+ bags 'cause I'm an expert at guestimating (insert chuckle). But since she is her Father's daughter and didn't want to buy too much for fear of wasting a whole 4 dollars, she came home with 5 yards...which made exactly 89 bags. But she saved the receipt so I could easily drive 32 miles back to the store to purchase more. In theory, that plan works but not so good when you forget the receipt that you so carefully saved taped to the mirror in your office/pantry. The ever so kind fabric lady assured me that I had the same fabric after taking a quick look at photos from my phone. How did we live without smart phones?
After more measuring, ironing and sewing those 3 seams I ended up with 124 of the cutest little bags a non-sewer has ever made(as long as you don't look too closely). 
And the bride was impressed.

But since this is more or less a cooking blog I'll also include an insert from my favorite magazine that came yesterday:

The tip for "plucking" herbs...pure genius. 
Obviously, I'm also easily impressed.

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