Sunday, March 11, 2012

Happy St Patrick's Day Kate!

Found another idea on Pintesest.
Filling a gift box with balloons...simple, easy (except for the inflating of the balloons with the Grandma lungs)!
Kate loves balloons so I found these rainbow swirly ones at the Wal-marts. Dillons only has hb balloons and (say it aint so) Alco is closing and had no balloons left. 
Wrapped it all up in this cute as can be owl paper from World Market & paid extra for next day delivery. How sad would it be to open a box of half filled balloons?
I also filled this beautiful pie plate with yummy pie for Sharon's Birthday gift. Don't worry Sharon I was able to get the sticker off with that sticky gooey remover stuff and then washed it three times to get rid of the "citrus" scent. Don't you just hate stickers that won't unstick? 
All in all it was a very productive Friday morning!

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