Monday, March 12, 2012

My little recipe

As I was perusing my favorite foodie blogs I can upon a recipe that sounded quite familiar.
After further investigation I found that this blog gave credit for their inspiration to this blog who linked her tasty kitchen profile where credit for the recipe was given to campgrandma aka me.
My little recipe made it to the big time blogs! 
All this linking transported my brain to the question: Are there any truly original recipes?
I found this timeline which stated: "Most foods are not invented; they evolve."
So now I can add evolution to my life skills!
And now I'm tired :)


Trudy said...

wow. You should be exhausted...that's a lot of cyberhunting! And congrats! :)

Beth said...

not as tiring as growing a baby!
can't wait to hear about the big day :)