Friday, April 2, 2010

Easter Grass Cupcakes

This isn't so much of a recipe but a technique.
I'll get to that later.
First I wanted to show you my favorite part of the cupcake, the cute wrappers.
My friend Roni (you all remember Roni) gave these to me.
I took this picture since I filled them with chocolate fudge cake batter you can't see the cute pattern after they are baked.

I also found these fun "baskets"

Enough about the part that ends up in the trash, on to how you make grass.
All you need is some green buttercream frosting, a decorating bag (I use the disposable kind) and Wilton decorating tip #233.
Which brings me to another cool thing I found on the www.
I have a bunch of decorating tips and have trouble remembering exactly what design each of them make.
Now I can just look at this.
I could tell you all you need to do is squeeze the bag and out comes grass but the official Wilton tutorial is so much better.
After you've planted the grass you can top your lawn with M&M speckled eggs or jelly beans.
I have also made a few hundred of these cupcakes with foil wrapped soccer balls on the field.
Side effects of eating grass: green tongues :)
Happy Easter!

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