Monday, January 11, 2010

Recipe Labels

Still trying to find my way around blog world so please excuse me if things are posted in the wrong place &/or in the wrong order. After posting the last 4 recipes it occurred to me that I should explain how I plan to label the recipes I share.
Recipes labeled Sweets Swap are from the cookie/candy exchanges that I have hosted for the last 3 years in December.
Friends gather with their chosen sweets to share and we all take home a new collection of recipes and dozens of sweet morsels.
I hope to have all the recipes from the previous swaps posted by the time December '10 rolls around.
Recipes labeled Most Requested are just that and are frequently prepared favorites.
While almost any type of food makes a good gift, recipes labeled Gift are items that I have given to others.
And those labeled Freezer Friends are dishes that I have prepared for a cooking group that meets once a month to fill each other's freezers.
My next category will most likely be "Grandchildren's Favorites" :)


Roni said...

Thanks for sharing all of these Beth. I like the way you have it organized! I'm checking in each day!

Beth said...

I believe that's called stalking! :)